I know it’s 2022 and writing on a blog feels pretty old-school. Nevertheless, here I am writing on my blog without destination or roadmap. Simply writing.

Somewhere along the way, I traded passion for pursuit of the grind. I couldn’t see anything that I started to do as fun or fulfilling. I could only see it as a possible path to income, online presence, or influence. My what a tangled web we have weaved. We have left behind the joy of pursuit to chase after dreams of success defined for us by tiny blocks on social platforms.

We’re not all the same but we are all similar. Humans with so many similarities we find comfort in each other’s words but so incredibly different that we hardly recognize each other at times. Our stories are unique and we fit into life uniquely. The joy and love of being unique gets lost sometimes in the comfort of chasing sameness.

It’s hard to be different than others. It’s hard to choose over and over different values, different pursuits, and a different lifestyle than those around us. We are hard-wired to desire the tribe.

Yet, those I admire most are living an unhurried pace full of wonder. They are chasing joy and life through the lense of gratitude and everyday rhythms. They have left behind fascination of influence, the grind, and losing onesef through harried activity.

The last two years, I have been in the pursuit of wholeness within me. A chasing of myself. Finding health through avenues of exercise, recharge, and care for self in big and small ways.

This year, that journey to wholeness looks like pursuing things because I love them and they bring me joy instead of pursuing what I think might bring me something monetary, etc. in the end.

It feels pretty safe to blog again since society has moved past this platform. It feels like a great way to write for the joy of writing while hiding out from what is fresh and new. A platform that will lend itself to the love of writing and the pursuit of things in a way that can go unseen and remain small.

I’m not sure what I will write or how long this will continue. Like most New Year’s decisions it will probably fade away before the warm spring air begins to blow.

So here is to a new year, a new season of writing, and a new year chasing joy.

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